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Hazard templates list natural hazards for a given region. Using templates helps to keep information consistent.

For a list of all hazard templates, go here: Category:Hazard Templates To include this template use {{Template:Hazard/Mosquito}} in your page. All new hazard templates should have the following text at the top of the entry:

{{Template:Hazard|Hazard Name}}

Mosquitoes are active a month after the snow melts, especially in May/early June. Mosquitoes can carry diseases, but the actual risk of infection is very low in most parts of the world. Mosquitoes are known to carry the West Nile Virus and Malaria organisms (primarily only in south America and Africa). West Nile Virus only poses a danger to the very young, elderly, and those with weakened immune systems. Those with the Sickle Cell trait are not affected as much by Malaria.

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