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Note: This is a private campground operated by the Boy Scouts of America.

Camp Wolverton (Sequioa National Park, USA,CA)

There is a little used campsite in Sequioa National Park run by the WLACC just for us scouters: Camp Wolverton. Other youth groups may use the camp by making arrangements with the WLACC. If you're planning a visit to Sequioa National Park, Camp Wolverton is worth looking into. At only $7/night, and usually not very populated (although advance reservations are suggested as space is limited), it would make for a great camp site. It also serves as a jumping off point for many hikes.

While you're in the park, take a tour of Crystal Cave. You'll want to go on the Discovery Tour (13 y/o and up). Better still would be to contact the Sequoia Natural History Association and ask about a special tour for your Scouts. Becoming a SHNA member will give you a discount on regular cave tour tickets.

The facilities at Camp Wolverton include pit toilets and showers (bring shower shoes or sandals). There is also a cabin for the staff, which wasn't in operation when I arrived.

Before taking your boys to Sequoia National Park, or anywhere in black bear country, please instruct them on proper storage of food and bear safety. Do not throw rocks at the bears! Yes, they used to tell people to do this to scare bears away, up until a scout troop killed a bear doing as the rangers instructed... Oops...

Unlike other scout camps, this is a "family camp." Anyone who's a registered scout or scouter may stay at the camp during it's normal operational period from the third week of June to the third week of August.

Camp Wolverton is a tent-camping site. There are no facilities or parking for RV's.

Activities and Attractions

See Sequoia National Park


  • Toilets: pit
  • Showers: yes (bring shower shoes or sandals)
  • Running Water: Yes
  • Trash: collected during season, otherwise pack in-pack out

Official website:

Seasonal Information

Cost: $7/night, only open during the summer.


Year Around

Camp Wolverton used to be a construction camp, so there is still broken glass and nails on the ground-- so don't go walking around barefoot.

Black Bears are active year around (they do not truly hibernate), so it is important to always lock up your food. Black Bears are usually not aggressive, but will become so after tasting high energy human food. Don't feed the bears, but if they do get your food, don't take it from them (but be sure to notify a ranger of the incident).

Spring and Summer

Ticks can be found in the tall grass before and after the snow fall. If you find a tick, remove it with fine tipped tweezers by pulling straight out. Do not kill the tick while it's still attached, doing so will cause it to regurgitate into the blood stream greatly increasing the risk of infection. Some species of ticks may carry Lyme Disease, but your actual risk of infection is very low.


  • GPS Location: N 36 35.693\' and W 118 44.546\'

The road to Camp Wolverton is hard to find if you don't already know where it is. The road is the fist left driving into Wolverton. The road goes down a hill almost immediately off the main road, so it can be difficult to spot. The entrance is at N 36 35.693' and W 118 44.546'. The community fire pit is at N 36 35.709' and W 118 44.596'. Or you can go by your odometer: its about 0.26 miles after the Sherman Tree parking entrance road.

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